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The price list for the loudspeakers, amplifiers and DAC from Daudio.
You can ask for other finishes.








daudio S1             NEW

dipole reference loudspeaker

High-End full-range 3-way dipole design speaker with 2 x 15 inch woofers.
We carefully followed all design principles for creating a reference dipole loudspeaker on an open baffle. The very special 15″ woofers take care of a fabulous dynamic reproduction with only 1% distortion at 20Hz! The loudspeaker depth is only 17 cm giving an attractive small footprint.
The loudspeaker is custom made in massive oak in color lacquer or plywood in high gloss (color of your choice) and the uprights are delivered in polished stainless steel..

Technical information:
Frequency range: 30 – 22.000 Hz
Crossover frequencies: 280 Hz and 2600 Hz
Efficiency: 88 dB at 2,83 V @ 1 m
The crossover is passive and equipped with Jantzen Audio waxcoils and Mundorf Silver / Gold / Oil capacitors
Wiring: Silver/gold/copper
Dimensions bxdxh: 45 x 27 (incl. foot) x 125 cm


  10.175,- euro   (studio)

(studio version, oak lacquered, 20.350,- euro per pair)


11.275,- euro   (high gloss)

( high gloss piano lacquer, 22.550,- euro per pair )



daudio W1

dipole design loudspeaker

High-End full-range 3-way dipole design speaker.
Carefully following all the principles needed to make an almost ideal dipole speaker, we have managed to set a reference that is also of friendly dimensions. The speaker comes with an internal passive filter for the mid-high section. The active crossover between the bass and the mid-high section is put in an external enclosure. 
This version is painted in white or black and with stainless steel strips. Additional cost of other colors on request.

Technical information:
Frequency range: 20 – 22.000 Hz
Crossover frequencies: 150 Hz and 2350 Hz
Efficiency: 89 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
The passively filtered mid-high combination can be driven at full power by a (tube) amplifier that can deliver 30W to 6 ohms. The impedance curve of the mid-high combination shows a very friendly course, no impedance correction is needed.
Dimensions wxdxh: 30,6 x 30,6 x 100 cm


9.625,- euro

(19.250,- euro / pair, including active filter box, ready for bi-amping with two stereo power amps or four mono blocks)




daudio C1

dipole design loudspeaker

Full-range 3-way dipole design speaker.
Our goal was to develop a “Best Buy” dipole loudspeaker with a modern design for the price range € 5000 – 8000.
Due to the lack of a cabinet and the careful matching of the drivers, this loudspeaker sounds very lifelike. The open construction ensures that the loudspeaker places the voices and instruments nicely loose and spatial. Partly because of this, the C1 is very easy to listen to. You hear the details, experience the placement, the depth, the natural reproduction, this is really enjoying music!
The Daudio C1 loudspeaker has a minimalist design and has a small footprint. The C1 is easy to control and can be connected directly to your existing set. It has a very amplifier friendly impedance and is therefore ideal for tube amplifiers. If Daudio claims that their loudspeaker is 4 ohms then that is really true! You will be amazed of how a tube amplifier of 2x25W can sound on this speaker.

Technical information:
Frequency range: 40 – 35.000 Hz
Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz and 3200 Hz
Efficienty: 83 dB at 2,83 V @ 1 m
Wiring: Silver plated koper
Dimensions bxdxh: 30 x 25 x 100 cm

starting at 2744,50 euro

( 5.489,- euro per pair, satin gloss )
(extra price high gloss with stainless steel 1.100, – euro per pair)


daudio M1           NEW

dipool design monitor loudspeaker

2-way dipole design monitor speaker.
Our goal was to develop a dipole monitor speaker with a modern design that fits into every living room. For the most beautiful reproduction of the treble we have placed the tweeter free-standing above the baffle instead of mounting it in the baffle.
The open construction ensures that the loudspeaker places the voices and instruments nicely loose and spatial. Despite the small size, the monitor plays the entire audio range from 120Hz with full dynamics, as known from the W1.
For the bass a subwoofer is used which is equipped with 2 powerful 10-inch woofers on both sides. This ensures impulse compensation with which we achieve that the cabinet hardly vibrates. The subwoofer can therefore totally not be localized. Upon delivery we measure your living room and match by DSP the subwoofer accordingly, so that it inaudibly connects to the monitor and produces a very tight and deep bass.
For the control of this monitor and sub, Daudio has developed a control unit with DSP and 6 amplifiers (Ncore) and volume and source selection in an aluminum design housing.

Technical information:
Frequency range: 20 – 22.000 Hz
Crossover frequencies: 120 Hz and 2400 Hz 
Control unit inputs: 2 x stereo analog, 4 x digital (AES/EBU, SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical, USB)
Control unit amplifiers: 2 x 250W sub, 2 x 125W midrange, 2 x 100W tweeter
Efficienby: 89 dB at 2,83 V @ 1 m
Wiring: Silver plated copper
Dimensions Monitor bxdxh: 30 x 20 x 105 cm
Dimensions Sub bxdxh: 35 x 35 x 35 cm

10.395,- euro setprice

( 4.389,- euro   Monitor pair )
( 2194,50 euro   Sub )
( 3811,50 euro   Control unit )
1.000,-  Motion Feedback voor M1 audiosysteem 




daudio N1000 amp

2 x 500 watt Ncore versterking

The Daudio N1000 amplifier is a two-channel amplifier based on nCore technology. The power amplifier is equipped with a very powerful power supply with 1200 watts of music power. The pre-amplification, as well as the driver stages for voltage amplification within the nCore amplifier part are provided with a discrete built-up power supply with very high quality power supply capacitors. These have been chosen on the basis of the commitment to transparency and musicality. This amplifier allows the high hear an unparalleled wealth of detail and musicality that goes beyond our view of what is possible with other amplifier technology. At the same time the power and control for low sublime. This amplifier allows sounds even better Daudio where the speakers are capable of.
Daudio specifically for this amplifier developed its own cabinet from one piece of aluminum in the form of the W1 speaker. The amplifier is made on demand, and can be provided with the desired connectors. By default, the N1000 comes as bi-amping amplifier with Neutrik XLR NC3FD-H-B inputs and a combination of WBT-0710 Cu and NL4MP Speakon outputs. That is our foolproof solution where the Speakon connector is used for the low frequencies and some few WBT connectors for the mid / high loudspeaker part. The amplifier can also be supplied as a normal stereo amplifier, the back panel will be equipped with two pairs of WBT connectors. With regard to the inputs: in the base of the amplifier is provided with balanced inputs, so the amplifier is built up. He can also be supplied with unbalanced inputs, but we prefer not to work with switches on the back to select either XLR or RCA. Rather we provide service and if you want RCA inputs that is not a problem.

Technical information:
AMP principle of operation: Ncore®
Output power per amplifier module: 550W/2Ω, 500W/4Ω, 300W/8Ω
Distortion (0 – 20kHz): < 0,009% bij 500W/4Ω (< 0,0007% bij 10W/4Ω en < 0,0005% bij 10W/8Ω)
Dimensions hxbxd: 30,6 x 30,6 x 7,2 cm


3499,- euro


daudio interconnects

analog and digital

When we listened to various types of interlinks and cables, we concluded that the materials have a distinctive influence on the sound, subtle but surely noticable on our speakers. This holds for both the conductors and isolation and also whether the interconnect is designed for analog or digital signals. These findings have resulted in a first series of our own daudio interconnects. The assembly of selected conductor and isolation materials is fully done by the daudio people.

Technical information:
Available with XLR or RCA connectors, Neutrik luxury version.
The signal conductor is being made of pure silver (99.99%) with 1% gold.
Airy teflon isolation and copper screening impregnated with selected oil.



50 cm 295,- euro / pair
75 cm 345,- euro / pair
100 cm 395,- euro / pair


digital coaxial SPDIF:

50 cm 195,- euro
75 cm 220,- euro
100 cm 245,- euro


digital USB:

75 cm 245,- euro
100 cm 295,- euro




The options described here give an indication of the possibilities.
The speaker is also available in different types of wood.
We are prepared to personally discuss the different possible finishes with you.


dipool design audio
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